There Is No Substitute For Experience

Not all teacher or range coach BIOs Shown for Security Purposes

Grey Solutions teachers and range coaches are highly trained men and women who have been there done that. They have a background of military, law enforcement or have a high degree and experience of training in their field.

Dan H. | Firearms Teacher

Dan is a former U.S. Army Infantryman. After leaving the Army, he worked in various tactical and shooting related industries including manufacturing, as well as managing a firearms retail store and indoor range for 8 years. He is currently employed in the security industry by a Federal Contractor. In addition to being a shooting enthusiast, Dan is a long time martial artist who has had the honor of studying with several great teachers. When not shooting or practicing the martial arts, Dan enjoys the great outdoors hiking, camping, and practicing survival and bushcraft skills here in the great Northwest. 

Lynna B. | Firearms Teacher

Lynna came to Grey Solutions USA with a 10 year background in force protection, defense, intel, and a passion for teaching others about firearms and protection. She continually participates in relevant regional coursework to ensure her rifle, pistol, and tactical skillsets remain current and refined. Lynna brings that knowledge into the classroom and onto the range at Grey Solutions USA. As an instructor, Lynna enjoys creating a safe, open, and collaborative teaching environment that is conducive to successful learning.

Dr. Daniel R trained as a clinical and forensic psychologist. Dr. Daniel R has forty years of experience in psychology and education and professional training. He worked for 11 years with City of LA and LAPD providing various safety sensitive applied services including pre-employment evaluation, fitness for duty, critical incident stress debriefing, and grief counseling. He also has specialty training for management of PTSD and related concerns. Having served in the court system in both civil and criminal settings, Dr. Daniel R. is very knowledgeable about legal issues which may be important in firearms and responsible defensive carry situations. Finally, Dr. R has his own deep personal interest in developing proficiency and competency in a variety of self-defense platforms. With this background, Dr. Daniel R can help you gain useful knowledge, develop the kind of safe and competent mastery of skills, and emphasize a responsible and calm mindset of self defense to help you achieve Confident Carry. 

A nurse for over 16 years. Rose has worked as a charge nurse, infection control nurse, team leader, staff development coordinator, respiratory and ventilation nurse. Rose has taught NAC courses at Shoreline Community College and a private institutions. She is CPR and a first aid instructor for professionals and private citizens through both the Red Cross snd The American Heart Association.

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