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Rifle Courses
Message from our founder:
My name is Reno Raines and I am the founder of Grey Solutions. I am a recognized law enforcement, private security, NRA and medical instructor with over 20 years of combined instructional experience. Like you I am also a student of the gun. I am a life long learner. I had my first experience with firearms in high school. I was a police explorer and in Army JROTC and on occasion we got to train with firearms. I knew I was immediately hooked. I got my first firearm at 19 years old after getting hired as a local law enforcement officer. Being that I was only 19 years old my mom had to purchase it for me. It was a Smith and Wesson Model 28 Highway Patrolman. A huge .357 magnum hand cannon that was used but had lots of character. I would carry that gun until the Glock began to take over the law enforcement world. 
Many times too often people believe you must be a special op's or military operator to be a good firearms instructor and this simply is not true. While I served in the military none of my advanced training in firearms had anything to do with the military. My military firearms training consisted of shooting at big green pop up targets at a long distance proving my point that being in the military or in law enforcement does not make you an expert in firearms or tactics. Just as being able to shoot and being able to teach shooting techniques is not the same thing. It comes down to whether or not you were taught to teach those skills. Some of the best firearms instructors never served a day in the military or law  enforcement but they know how to be a great teacher.
There is an unlimited supply of tactical trainers for you to choose from but I will teach you firearm techniques that are realistic and relevant to your lifestyle in a safe and friendly environment. I did not invent any of the techniques I will teach you. I'm going to teach you techniques I learned training  with some of the worlds top firearms instructors such as Massad Ayoob, Ken Hackathorn, Clint Smith, Marty Hayes, Todd Louis Greene and many more. I took the techniques from those before me and I built upon them. Sometimes slightly tweaking them based on what I was actually seeing happen in the real world. 
There is no one best way to fight with a gun. You must be able to shoot fast and accurately but you also must know the tactics and mindset involved so that you get a turn but your adversary does not. Every competent instructor needs an open mind and must be willing to learn, adapt and improve themselves for the sake of their students. I personally set a Goal each year to take 100 hours of training as a student just like you. This allows me to keep my training recent and relevant just like I preach to you.
Having recently retired from security and investigative work I'm able to spend more time with my family and focus on teaching so that Im able to give back to students just like you. Everyone starts somewhere. Keep your head down and keep the faith.
Best wishes,


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