Our duty is to protect life and property to the best of our ability. Even though it is impossible to create a situation of absolute security, we try to achieve this goal. We act as a barricade between the threat and the person or property we are protecting. Being a human barrier between the haves and have nots is a lot to take on, which is why we know the tactics involved in doing so. It is much more than standing and waiting. We anticipate, plan and prepare for any contingency that would place the individual or property being protected in a threatening situation. 

We react quickly and decisively to contain the threat and remove the protected party from danger and do all that is possible to prevent a situation from escalating.


Our protective security solutions are tailored based on a comprehensive analysis of the client’s needs to help our clients to operate in complex threat environments. Grey Solutions USA is dedicated to client satisfaction and consistent reliable service. We strive to provide personal service and individualized attention to meet our clients needs and expectations.

Our Officers use the most efficient way of fulfilling our duty to protect you, your people and your property which can be broken down into four categories:


  • Containment : Our Protection Officers create a safe zone around your people and property. Controlling the area, keeping your people out of harms way.


  • Prevention : If possible officers prevent situations from escalating to potentially dangerous levels and our protective officers act at the first sign of trouble.


  • Gathering of information : Our officers monitor the environment and become aware of any possible threat or weak points, finding all possible solutions.


  • Reaction : If prevention fails our protective officers act quickly and decisively to contain the threat and remove you and your people from danger.