This 8 hour Tactical Shotgun Course covers the fundamentals of combat shooting and gunfighting with a Shotgun.




Our Tactical Shotgun 1 course covers, but is not limited to:

  • Safety

  • Safe and effective manipulation of the weapons system

  • Accessories and proper placement

  • Proper stance, grip, and combat distance marksmanship

  • Ammunition selection for varying scenarios

  • Patterning

  • Combat reloading

  • Multiple target engagements and target discrimination

  • Targets at varying angles and distances

  • Shooting Through Barriers

  • Effective use of cover and concealment

Prerequisites: This course is open to all shooters who are familiar with the basic use of a shotgun. Shooters who have previously taken Basics of Tactical Shooting will be allowed to use a side arm and practice primary to secondary weapon transitions.

Shooters Should Expect to Use Approximately 250 Rounds of Birdshot, 6 Rounds of Buckshot and 6 Slugs.

  • All Tuitions for Courses and Tutorials are to be paid in full at the time of registration. Please be sure of the class you want. There are NO REFUNDS and NO TRANSFERS.


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