Surveillance is useful for learning about a person’s behavior, observing conduct and demeanor, confirming location or residence, confirming vehicle type and description, determining or confirming employment, and so on. Such information is valuable to an investigation, of course, but surveillance is not right for all cases.


Surveillance applied inappropriately can provide a false sense of security. Some victims of unwanted pursuit mistakenly assume that having the pursuer under observation will protect them.

The longer any surveillance goes on, the greater the probability of detection. If a mentally ill pursuer detects that he is being followed and observed, it can reinforce paranoid delusions or further cement the belief that there is a bond with his victim. Because surveillance can worsen some situations, we assist clients to determine whether or not surveillance is right for a given situation.

Surveillance is most effectively used to learn specific information about the individual under observation, and not as a means of protection. It is not a sound or long-term substitute for effective security.


$400 payment is for 4 consecutive hours of surveillance time. Additional hours will be billed in 4 hour increments.


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