Skip Tracing Is Finding Someone For Any Of A Number Of Reasons

These may be witnesses, deadbeat parents, debtors, lost loves, friends, escaped convicts, bond jumpers, cheaters and relatives.


Who needs a skip tracer? 


A very wide array of professional positions need skip tracers. Attorneys, process servers, investigators, law enforcement, reporters, realtors, bounty hunters, bail bonds agencies, debt collectors and repo agencies just to name a few.


Several services advertise nationwide searches and charge a fee ranging from $60 to $100 purporting to locate anyone. This is usually no more than a printout of inexpensive online resources and providing a report (often provided by the database service) of unconfirmed information. That is a Records Check, not an Investigation .


Professional investigators are responsible for conducting and completing our investigations. Our special resources, knowledge and abilities are usually the case breakers in these instances.




Required Information: full name, birthdate and SSN.


Does not include extenuating expenses (i.e. additional record charges, copies, court costs) and our report fee.


Verified information is usually returned in 5 to 10 business days. Our office will contact you if this time will be exceeded.


Our best skip tracing efforts are put forth (of course!). This fee is dependent upon the information provided. Almost all of your "skips" will fit this service. Does not include extenuating expenses, i.e. unpublished numbers.


The Guarantee This agency guarantees the accuracy of our "Individual Locates" in two ways: 1. We verify the data we provide you as of the date of our report. If there is an error or the data is not correct we will first re-investigate at no charge or, if necessary, make adjustments to the invoice. Your firm is charged $300 if found and $150 not found.


2. If we provide a report that indicates we have not found the subject we will charge our reduced fee and re-investigate one additional time (between 60 days and one year from the date of our report). If we find the subject the fee charged is the difference between our "Find" and "No Find" fees. If we again fail to find the subject there is no additional charge!


Our locate investigations, in addition to providing a verified current address, may also include: Full Name (corrected), as well as any alias, former and maiden names; Previous Address History; Telephone Number – if Published; Verified Birthdate;


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