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The first step in successfully hosting a firearms training class is to locate a suitable venue in your area. Even if it is private property we can come to you as long as it is safe and legal to do so. Normally this is a gun range, but even if the class is not a live-fire evolution, you still need to find an area that will accommodate Simunition or Airsoft training.


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Talk with the appropriate personnel at the facility and ensure that they understand what you are asking to accomplish. Be prepared to offer a general description of our firearms training class. Find out what range rental fees are, and if they are fixed or if there is a charge per student. Determine if the facility has target stands or if they will need to be provided. Ask if there are any restrictions on shooting steel targets. Establish if the club requires any special documentation of the trainer’s insurance information, and if they require students to sign any liability waivers. In some cases, the club actually requires the trainer to become a member of the club!


Find out if clubhouse or classroom facilities are available, along with restroom facilities. If the club has a board of directors or a voting membership, make sure you meet with them or attend a meeting, and get an unequivocal thumbs-up on the idea of hosting something that conforms to club expectations. Even if you don’t actually need to become a member of the club, joining is a good idea for any type of future working relationship.

    • Prices start at $225 per Student anywhere in Washington Sate.
    • We require a minimum of 6 students for all hosted classes.
    • We are very flexible and are able to use private property if it is SAFE and LEGAL to do so.

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