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This 1-Day course is based on a comprehensive course for people intending to carry the 1911 for protection. The 1911 platform requires a more sophisticated end user to properly operate and maintain than typical modern service pistols. With that in mind, this course is specifically designed educate the student on operational theory of the 1911, helping the student avoid reliability pitfalls of the 1911, as well as diagnose and rectify problems as they appear. 

The live fire portion of the course will focus on 1911 specific manipulations, such as proper usage of the mechanical safety, slide stop, and malfunction clearances. As time allows, minor reliability tuning of student's pistols may be performed by instructional staff. 


Our 1911 Pistol Operator course includes, but is not limited to:

  • Basic Care

  • Proper maintenance, lubrication

  • The cycle of operation as it pertains to the 1911

  • Diagnosing reliability issues

  • Basic modifications that can be done by the end user to maximize reliability

  • Pros and cons of current commercially available 1911s

  • Pros and cons of popular modifications and aftermarket parts

  • Marksmanship Fundamentals

  • Grip and Recoil Management as it pertains to the 1911

  • Drills specifically tailored to address controls of the 1911

  • Gear set up


    All Tuitions for Courses and Tutorials are to be paid in full at the time of registration. Please be sure of the class you want. There are NO REFUNDS and NO TRANSFERS.


Documentation *

Please Scan or send pictures of ONE of the following along with a copy of your driver’s license.

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