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You cannot outsource your safety and security.

When criminals perceive that citizens lack the means to defend themselves and their communities, they become emboldened. It's essential to recognize that we, as individuals, have been entrusted with dominion, but we've often delegated it away. The responsibility falls on us to be proficient, physically capable, and prepared for the extreme when necessary. The stark reality is that within society, whoever wields the power of violence holds ultimate control. This power can and should reside with responsible, law-abiding citizens within their communities if they choose to accept it.

If we choose to remain passive and complacent, criminals will seize control of violence, thereby dominating society. It's crucial to understand this dynamic. I reject the notion of being a sheepdog; I see myself as a wolf, but a disciplined one. I possess the restraint to confront and match the violence of any individual, pound for pound. It's a responsibility we all share with our neighbors.

We hold the key to addressing violent crime. To achieve this, we must prioritize fitness, skill development, and readiness. Vigilance is crucial. When we, the responsible citizens, demonstrate our strength and resolve, these malevolent criminals will retreat to the shadows where they belong. We must retain our capacity to manage violence ourselves, rather than outsourcing it to law enforcement. I firmly believe this is the solution, and I hope you find value in these words.

Keep your head down and keep the faith


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