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What happens after a shooting?

You are probably not going home tonight.

Detainment and or Arrest (Gun and Gear Confiscated)  Anyone can be arrested and anyone can be charged. There is a big difference between an arrest and a conviction.

The most dangerous question you will ever be asked is “What Happened?

Remember these words, “I will be happy to give a full statement in the presence of my lawyer.”

Go to jail and get your phone call. This is IMPORTANT. Who will you call?

Interview/Interrogation You WILL misremember the exact details of the fight due to the chemical dump in your body and brain. Your memory will be far more clear 48-72 hours AFTER the incident occurred.

Bond – Will you be given one? (They took your gun. Have a spare!)

Arraignment – Guilty or Not Guilty Plea is entered

Grand Jury – True Bill or No True Bill. Why use the Grand Jury? The accused has no say as to whether the case goes to a Grand Jury.

Plea bargains will be offered. Beware of the “Let’s Make a Deal” guy. As an innocent person, you may be marked for life as a “violent criminal offender”.

Trial: Jury trial or Bench trial, both have merits and drawbacks.

Sentencing if found guilty.


This information is just a short summary on the judicial system after a shooting. For more information take our Defensive Pistol course and contact an attorney that specializes in Self Defense.

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