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The .44 Special

I consider it the finest large revolver cartridge we have, either for straight target shooting or for the handloader, or game shooter who will reload or buy custom hand loads. It is also, with proper loads, one of the finest cartridges for the police officer, and with heavy loads will do as good or a better job than any other cartridge, either in stopping a criminal or for car body penetration in apprehending criminals.

The .44 Special is perhaps our most accurate target revolver cartridge.

Elmer Keith said "If you want the ultimate in a big revolver load for either target, defense or game shooting, the .44 Special is the one best cartridge. You can kill small game, cottontails, grouse or squirrels with the factory load or its equivalent, without mutilation for table use, or you can use a heavy load that will kill any game on this continent if it is exactly placed at close range."

The .44 special is a great choice in Washington with the current assault weapons ban. The GP100 in 44 special is one of my favorite six guns. With proper ammo it's just as effective as the 357 Magnum without all the blast and recoil.

For those on a budget the Charter Arms Bulldog is another good choice. I have used the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 as my back up gun while on duty for years now and I'm a big fan.

Keep your head down and keep the faith,


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