• Reno Raines


Product description


TACKLIFE Smart T6 - Car Battery Jump Starter, Power Bank, 12V 10A Power Source, LED Flashlight, Strobe/SOS Signal Light


Never get stranded on road again. No need to wait for other people to help you or call for towing service. Get this and jump start your dead car battery in seconds.


Please do not start vehicles when 2 or fewer lights are lit.Do not connect the positive and negative clamps together when it is power on.Please let the unit cool down for 2 minutes after jumping start 3 times in a row.Never leave the unit connected to vehicle battery after cranking your car successfullyDo not jump start engines exceed the max displacement the unit can bear, or it may cause damages.




Dual Charging Ports

With dual charging ports, you can simultaneously charge two of your electronics like phone, tablet or Kindle. It can be a portable mobile power bank (16500mAh).


12V 10A Power Station

There is a cigarette lighter socket adapter included, you can use it to power your 12V auto products like an air compressor. No extra accessory is needed.


Super Bright LED Flashlight

The bright LED flashlight function is a great assistance in the dark night. The other two modes - strobe and SOS could be an awesome lifesaver in the emergency.



Why do we need a jump starter?

There may be situations that the car battery is exhausted if you forget to turn off the car light, then you will need a jump starter to help boost your car battery.In cold winter, the car battery voltage could be too low to start your car, a battery jumper will help start your car battery in seconds.No matter in which reason you need a jump, this compact but powerful jumper pack ensure you a fast and safe jump start.


Capacity: 16500mAh/61WhStarting Current: 300APeak Current: 600AInput: 15V/1AFull Charge Time: 5 hoursOutputs: 5V/2A, 5V/1A, 12V/10A, 12V Jump Start PortOperating Temperature: -20℃(-4℉) ~ 60℃(140℉)