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Superior Firepower

Don’t walk into a known dangerous situation with just your handgun. You want superior firepower, if possible. So consider employing your shotgun or rifle any time you are approaching:

The scene of a felony-in-progress.

A high-risk hazardous vehicle contact.

A wanted felon.

Other situations where the risk of getting shot or killed is high.

You are searching large areas. You need a long gun anytime there is potential for long shots.

Any and all active shooter events.

Someone once said, “Your handgun is for those times that you are surprised by the gunfight. You take your long gun when conditions exist where you know there might be a gunfight.”

We all know of this old adage “The first rule of a gunfight is have a gun!” This is too simple for an honorable modern gunfighter. An honorable modern gunfighter would say, “The first rule of a gunfight is to possess a superior attitude, superior skills, superior intelligence, superior position, superior numbers, superior tactics, superior weapons, and superior values.” Never forget we are honorable people and when necessary, honorable gunfighters. We are modern knights who want to preserve our honor as we serve and protect those who cannot protect themselves. And yes, we want and will prevail. Honor is no small thing to most people and those that truly lose it because of their own actions know then how important it was to them. We always want to win honorably.

Keep your head down and keep the faith,


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