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Social Media and Crime

According to Nationwide Insurance, an alarming four out of five burglars admit to exploiting social media for home targeting. This fact should serve as a sobering reminder that we inadvertently provide burglars with the tools to identify our homes. It's imperative to exercise caution when sharing information on social media, as it can significantly impact the security of your home and family. Often without realizing it, we divulge valuable details about our families and routines to the public. Simple actions like checking in at a store inadvertently announce that you are away from home, which can be a vulnerability.

Vacation Pictures: When embarking on an exciting journey, consider postponing the sharing of your photos until you return. Avoid the temptation to go live on social media while enjoying the deck of a cruise ship or any other remote location. Broadcasting your adventures in real-time can inadvertently reveal that your home is unoccupied, making it a straightforward target for potential burglars. Prioritize your home's security and refrain from making it easy for intruders.

Business Trips: When you're away on a business trip, especially if you're leaving your family behind, it's essential to maintain the illusion that you're present to ensure their safety. Keep your home's lights on as usual, maintain the regular patterns of activity with cars coming and going, and avoid broadcasting your absence to anyone. Maintaining this appearance of normalcy can enhance your family's security during your absence.

Potential intruders may exploit situations where only one adult is present at home, as it can significantly simplify their efforts to gain control over the property. Avoid providing any information that could potentially assist criminals in devising plans to target your home. Prioritize your family's safety by withholding details that could be used against you by those with malicious intent.

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