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Shooting from Cover or Concealment:

Put cover between you and the bad guy.

Stay back an arm’s length so you have room to move, reload, and use your peripheral vision.

Use proper methods for shooting around right and left sides to reduce exposure.

When using horizontal cover like the top of a car hood beware of ricochet hazards.

If you are not behind cover or concealment when a fight starts you should be moving toward it.

Look for target indicators and shoot them when you see them.

Get CLOSE to cover if someone is shooting at you from an elevated position.

Move laterally to get cover between you and the bad guy.

Do not come out from cover in the same place twice. Be unpredictable.

Drop the knee on the side of the cover you are using to reduce exposure.

Target indicators (hat brims, shoes, elbows, shadows). This goes both ways. “If you see it you can shoot it”.

Keep your head down and keep the faith,


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