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O.C. as a Defensive Option

Police officers use the O.C. on their belt far more often than the gun beside it. Consider which spray pattern and formulation will best suit your needs. Also consider placing several cans in strategic locations like in the car, at the office, by the front door and in your vest pocket.

If you ever are forced to spray someone you should move afterward. Two or three one half second bursts will do it. It should produce a reaction within three seconds of contact. If you do not get the desired effect go to your “plan B”.

Chemical Weapons can be a good choice for people who choose not to have a gun. They can also help us bridge the gap between no force and lethal force.

I recommend Fox brand O/C spray in Cone pattern. You can get it here:

Fox Labs, One Point Four, 4 % OC Pepper Spray- Flip Top Cone (2 oz) 24FTM

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