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It’s not Just Pulling the Trigger

Knowing how to shoot, of course, is only part of the prescription for successfully resolving an armed encounter, and probably the last component.

Among other things, you must also be proficient at: Properly identifying the threat.

Dealing with more than one assailant.

Coping with unpredictable reaction—yours and the suspect’s—if hit by the bullet.

Evaluating whether the risk of shooting is greater than the probable benefit and be able to avoid firing in those situations.

Deciding what other options might be feasible to successfully resolve the existing problem and end the threat.

That’s a lot to balance in mere milliseconds. Add to the mix the dynamic that bullets will be flying in your direction. At this moment, it’s great to have good instincts but it also demands a keen level of mental and physical conditioning as well as a trained defensible effective response to go along with good instincts.

This is also one of the reasons being a good target shooter does not make one a GUNFIGHTER.

Keep your head down and keep the faith.


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