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Gunfighting Rules to Remember

Speed and accuracy are your main concern. Get your weapon out and get multiple and accurate rounds into the target as quickly as possible.

Always fully load your weapon; Your magazine is to be fully loaded and a round put in the chamber where legal to do so.

Always know what is beyond your target. A dead bystander means manslaughter, if not a murder charge.

Go for headshots at close quarters; otherwise go for the upper chest area or base of the neck.

the U.S. the majority of police officers killed in shooting incidents are shot at conversational range, at distances of up to 10 feet. Over 50 percent are shot at distances under 5 feet. At these distances there is no need to use the weapon’s sights. Be aggressive and point and shoot!

Two out of every three police officers killed in the U.S. are shot at night or in low-light areas. If you can point shoot, there is no need to worry about night sights and lasers since you’re not using the sights anyway.

Shooting incidents are over in seconds. You will not have time to chamber a round, get into a range stance, check your breathing and use the sights on your weapon. You should keep a round in the chamber, have access to the handgun, be aggressive, and get rounds into the target’s vital areas as quickly as possible.

Criminals or terrorists usually operate in gangs, so in time train for engaging multiple targets.

Terrorists and criminals like guns. They train in police and military techniques using manuals and videos that are freely available on the commercial market. It’s up to you to train harder and be at a more professional level than they are.

Always be aware of your environment; you want spot any potential problems and avoid them or at least be ready. If it gets to the point where the criminal has set you up and has a weapon on you, you’re going to have problems. Best to always try to avoid the problems and confrontations.

On a qualification target you can see the “X” is center of the target where there are no vital organs. Don’t get into the habit of shooting for the “X”. Shoot high center chest, above the nipple line.

Keep your head down and keep the faith,


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