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Factors that affect how much force you can use

1. Are you alone?

2.   Does the attacker have a weapon?

3.   Do you think the attacker has a weapon?

4.   What kind of weapon is it?

5.   How far away are you from the attacker?

6.   How old is the attacker?

7.   Is the attacker a male or female?

8.   Are you a male or female?

9. What is the crime?

10.   What is the size and weight of the attacker?

11. How big are you?

12.   Do you have a weapon?

13.   How many attackers or subjects are there?

14.   Do you have any medical conditions that inhibits you fighting

15. Location of the attack

16.   Presence of innocent or potential victims.

17.   Seriousness of the crime committed by subject. 18. Distance away

19.   Your ability to defend yourself

20. What is he saying?

21. Where is your family?

Everyone of the use of force factors is important. When combined, you can easily see how your life could be in danger.

If there are four gang members threatening you and your family, then force may be appropriate. If the four gang members have weapons, your life is in danger. If they said to you, “We are going to kill you and take your two daughters,” this is grounds for using deadly force.

Keep your head down and keep the faith,


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