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Dealing with Road Ragers

Never engage with assholes, unless your life is threatened and you can prove it was, later in court.

My remedies for dealing with road ragers are not to deal with them at all. I drive carefully, usually in the lane just left of the slow lane, and let the hot rodders fly past. I don’t flip people off who tailgate, change lanes without a signal, or intentionally swerve into my lane. I don’t lean on the horn or give them a mean look. I just keep driving. I give them just enough eye contact to make sure they aren’t pointing a gun at me and I just keep driving. I don’t bother to call the Highway Patrol (unless they cause an accident in front of me) because what are the chances a state traffic officer or trooper will be in the vicinity? I do not engage with them, ever.

That said, I also don’t let them get behind me and tailgate me or try to rear-end me intentionally to pull over. I have driven aggressively to speed away from road ragers and I have quickly changed lanes and took the next off-ramp to get them off my tail. Those have been rare events. Most of these bad-driving encounters last for a few minutes. The road rager usually loses interest if you do not play along and I do not play along.

I have taped a few really dangerous drivers on my phone, just in case they plowed into a busload of nuns and orphans later. But I did that on the down low, carefully filming them or writing down their plate numbers, but not letting them see that I did.

Pulling over to the side of the road to fight somebody who flipped you off, cut you off, tailgated, or committed any other Motor Vehicle sin is foolish. You do not want to jeopardize your freedom by getting arrested, prosecuted, and sent to prison or jail. You do not want to put your health or life at risk by arguing or fighting with another driver. You will not want to get sued for vehicle damage or causing a crash, or an injury or death, even if you were absolutely in the right.

Similarly, never point your gun at another car or a person or persons in that car while your car is moving. “Trying to scare” the other driver or his passenger(s) away by pointing your gun at them is a recipe for getting arrested for a felony. I know this sounds stupid but it happens because I have investigated these cases.

Be the better driver, the better person, and let the road ragers race ahead and cause their mayhem without you.

Keep your head down and keep the faith,


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