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Deadly Force

"Deadly force is justified only when undertaken to escape imminent and unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm to the innocent."

Deadly Force - The amount of force that will cause death or great bodily harm.

Great Bodily Harm - Injury that creates a substantial risk of death, protracted unconsciousness, protracted or permanent disfigurement or the loss or impairment of the use of a bodily member, organ or faculty.

Is Deadly Force justified? - It can only be used in the immediate or otherwise unavoidable threat of death or great bodily injury to an innocent person.

  • Intent - Words or actions from an attacker that would lead a reasonable person to fear for their safety.

  • Ability - An attacker's weapon, size, strength or number as well as your lack of these things.

  • Opportunity - Does the attacker have access to kill you or cause great bodily harm?

What gun, bullet or "whatever" is best if I get sued are charged criminally?

If you are in the right "It doesn't matter what you did." and if you are in the wrong "It doesn't matter what you did." Don't worry about litigation when you need to worry about your life.

Problem one- Saving your life.

Problem two- Everything else.

Choose a Lawyer before you need one:

The first consultation is usually free.

Ask around for help finding some good defense attorneys (gun groups, cops, etc)

• If they can get you an appointment this week BEWARE!

Interview the Lawyers and ask questions:

  • Have you ever handled a self defense case? How many?

  • What is you win/lose ratio on defense cases? All criminal cases?

What is your best defense in court? Live a good honest life. This also keeps you safer!

What is your mission?

• Military kills people and breaks things.

• Police are only allowed to shoot in self defense or to protect a third party.

• Citizens are only allowed to shoot in self defense or to protect a third party. The difference is that a citizen should leave a dangerous area if possible.

Being a good witness:

You are not required to intervene in any crime you see committed.

• You can just be a good witness (get good descriptions!).

• You will never be sued or imprisoned for not shooting someone.

What if I shoot when I shouldn't?

• Most people are actually reluctant to shoot. Don't worry about this issue.

• Citizens are only forced to shoot would-be attackers one out of thirty times.

• Don't worry; you will KNOW when you need to shoot. There will be no doubt.

If there IS a doubt than there is no doubt; don't shoot!

File complaints with the police if being stalked or harassed:

• If you are ever forced to shoot them you have a documented series of events that has led up to your legal use of force.

• The police may prevent an altercation. That is the best possible outcome.

Physical Effects of Adrenaline (Alpha):

Blood leaves extremities - Loss of fine and complex motor control

• Increase in Heart Rate

• Increase in Respiration Rate

• Increase in Blood Pressure

• Pupils Dilate

• Audio exclusion

• Tunnel vision

• Perception of Pain Diminishes (Adrenaline is at least 60 times more powerful than

Morphine as a pain suppressant).

Mental Effects of Adrenaline (Alpha):

• Your mood is amplified (+/-)

Time/space distortion

Loss of Memory

Detachment- typically happens with highly trained persons

• Denial Response

• State of Fugue- zombie like state

• Cognitive dissonance (a mental scramble)- remembering things out of order, trivial things seem important, etc

Keep your head down and keep the faith,


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