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Backup Gun

A viable option in many survival situations is the backup gun.

The backup weapon is good to have when you need one, provided you have practiced with your backup gun to the point that you have the same proficiency with it as with your service firearm. Some officers wisely choose to carry smaller frame versions of their primary gun.

For example, there are officers who carry a GLOCK 17 as a primary weapon and a GLOCK 26 as their backup. The advantages of this choice are: Both weapons mechanically operate the same and this aids proficiency when a transition is made under stress. The GLOCK 17 magazines fit and can be fired in the GLOCK 26. Both weapons fire 9mm rounds.

Typically, a backup gun is used when you’re out of ammunition or disarmed. It can also help you recover from a critical malfunction.

The backup gun ensures officers will be less likely to violate the first important rule of gunfighting which is, “Have a gun!”

Watch this entire video to see a backup gun in action:

Keep your head down and keep the faith,


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