When you hire a new employee you are predicting that the candidate will be well-adjusted, capable, honest, and productive. Having the most thorough and accurate information about a candidate’s background is key to making your best prediction. 

People often comment that, had they known more about an employee’s background, they never would have hired him or her. Proper investigations are the best way to get accurate information.

We recommend a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s honesty, character, personality, and history. In addition to accessing public records and investigative resources, we interview former employers and co-workers, confirm educational history, account for periods of unemployment, and interview all references.

Skip Tracing Is Finding Someone For Any Of A Number Of Reasons

These may be witnesses, deadbeat parents, debtors, lost loves, friends, escaped convicts, bond jumpers, cheaters and relatives.


Who needs a skip tracer? 


A very wide array of professional positions need skip tracers. Attorneys, process servers, investigators, law enforcement, reporters, realtors, bounty hunters, bail bonds agencies, debt collectors and repo agencies just to name a few.


Several services advertise nationwide searches and charge a fee ranging from $60 to $100 purporting to locate anyone. This is usually no more than a printout of inexpensive online resources and providing a report (often provided by the database service) of unconfirmed information. That is a Records Check, not an Investigation .


Professional investigators are responsible for conducting and completing our investigations. Our special resources, knowledge and abilities are usually the case breakers in these instances.

A process server is anyone who engages in the act of serving process on parties to a legal matter. Process in this context derives from the Constitutional concept of Due Process ( U.S. Constitution, Amendments 5 and 14 ), a person’s right to be given notice of pending legal actions against or involving them. So basically, a process server delivers papers to people and in doing so fulfills fundamental requirements of the legal process in America.

Surveillance is useful for learning about a person’s behavior, observing conduct and demeanor, confirming location or residence, confirming vehicle type and description, determining or confirming employment, and so on. Such information is valuable to an investigation, of course, but surveillance is not right for all cases.

When we perform a Phone Number Trace our investigators produce a confidential report which includes, when available: the owner’s name, address history, age, possible relatives, the phone type and carrier, the location associated with the number, and more. Whether it’s a cell phone number, a landline, or a business number. Grey Solutions USA can provide you with the data associated with the unfamiliar phone number so that you can find out who is calling you and from where.

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