High Risk Terminations


We Protect You And Your People Against Violence Due To Termination. While there are no fail safe, foolproof methods that work in every case, our experience has taught us several methods of minimizing the risk to those who must perform these sometimes difficult tasks. Depending on the circumstances and the level of threat posed by the employee, it may be advisable to seek guidance from our specialized private protection professionals. Allow us to help you conduct your terminations safely.


  • Grey Solutions USA will arrange for our plain clothes Protective Agents to be on “stand-by” out of sight but close enough to respond quickly during the process.


  • Grey Solutions USA has managed many other terminations and can help you tailor your discharge procedure for maximum safety. 


  • In any case where a weapon has previously been displayed we highly recommend that you employ our well trained, armed protection professionals. This is neither the place nor time for amateurs.