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Puyallup, WA

November 17, 2019


This 1-day course is designed to make you effective with your weapon in a real world gunfight. The course will start with developing the fundamentals of gunfighting. It is ideal for new or experienced shooters who have never learned modern combat shooting techniques. You will learn the essential fundamentals of combat shooting with realistic live fire scenarios that will instill confidence and a fighting, never give up mindset.

This 5 hour course was designed from the ground up to train a person with no prior medical experience on how to keep a victim of a violent crime like a shooting or stabbing alive until the ambulance arrives. 


This class includes training on tactical safety and how to prevent injuries, moral obligations to render aide, legal issues like the Good Samaritan laws, biohazard precautions, the physical and mental effects of adrenaline, the survival principles, communication, trauma kits vs. first aid kits, scene safety, patient movement, assessments, proper ways to stop the top 3 gunfighting injuries (blocked airway, critical blood loss and Tension Pneumothorax).

Puyallup, WA

For the purpose of determining eligibility to participate in the WSCJTC’s Firearms Certification process, applicants must meet the requirements of a Qualified Retired Law Enforcement as defined by the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), USC 18 926(B) & 926(C)

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